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Thank you for contacting Microsoft CERT. This site will be decommissioned on or before 30 June 2017. Please use the new MSRC CERT Portal.
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This form is to report suspected security issues or abuse of Microsoft Online Services, such as Bing, Hotmail, Windows Live, Windows Azure, and Office 365. This includes malicious network activity originating from a Microsoft IP address. It also includes distribution of malicious content or other illicit or illegal material through a Microsoft Online Service.

This form is not intended for:

These requests will not receive a response from the Microsoft CERT team.

Windows Azure: Please understand that the incident about which you are reporting may be originating from Windows Azure, a cloud computing platform in which customers can deploy and control their own software applications. Customers, not Microsoft, control the activity from these network addresses.

For more information on Windows Azure, please see An updated list of Windows Azure IP ranges can be found here.

In such circumstances, we may forward information to our customer for them to resolve.

See Use of Your Information below for details about what information we may share.

In order for us to respond appropriately, please complete the form below as completely and accurately as possible.

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Your e-mail address is required in case additional information regarding the incident is required.
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This is the Microsoft Address that is causing the issue.
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Use of Contact Information

We will use the information that you provide in this form to investigate, and attempt to resolve, the incident you have reported. In support of those efforts, we may contact you via phone or email using the contact information that you have provided. As part of our investigation, it may be necessary for us to share the Incident Details (including your reported IP addresses) with our Microsoft Online Service customer or other relevant third parties. By submitting this form, you consent for us to do this. We will not, however, share your Contact Information unless you also check the box below.

By checking this box, I agree that Microsoft may also share my name, organization and e-mail address with its customer(s) or other third parties for the purpose of resolving this incident. I understand that Microsoft may ask its customer to contact me directly to resolve this incident.